She won't cry but...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Her head hung low,
her heart beat fast.
But when he walked out of the room,
She raised her head high.
Maybe she'll get over him,
Maybe she wont cry.

It's been a long time now,
People say she should move on,
But she just can't get over him.

They talk about the time,
When they shared all that love

But nobody understands,
Why she's still in love.

She falls to the ground,
And try's to get back up,
But the fear keeps pushing her down.
Will she ever escape the memory of his love?

Her wings are torn and tattered,
Her aura slipping low.
But they say one day she will rise again,
As only the Fallen Angel can.

Dedicated to my best pal & her audacity, fortitude & valor. God bless her & my wishes come from the core of my heart.


Still the remedy

Monday, March 2, 2009

You have stolen my being, my identity.
By making me imbibe the wine of love
you have intoxicated me.

With one glance, my free wandering spirit
has been captured by you.

I gave my life to you, my very substance;
you took my tears without glancing back.

You carried the soul from my body
and yet you are still part of that soul;
you inflicted pain, but are still the remedy.

You destroyed the kingdom of my heart
with the sword of coquetry,
but are still its sovereign ruler.


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