Who am I?

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Well who am I ??

Im the ghost in the machine

Im the genius in the gene

Im the beauty in the beast

Im the sunset in the east

Im the ruby in the dust

Im the trust in the mistrust

Im the tigers empty cageIm the mysterys final page

Im the strangers lonely glanceIm the heros only chance

Im the undiscovered land

Im the single grain of sandIm the half-truth in the lie

Im the why not in the whyIm the last roll of the die

Im the old school in the tieIm the spirit in the skyIm the catcher in the rye

Im the twinkle in her eye

I am as well:A hard working mole in the earthan irrational clown in the cloudsan emotional fire spitting vulcana crazy rider in the full moon nighta happy child with a toya samurai-sword-sharp decider an incorruptible defender of trutha white falcon in the sun...Sometimes stubborn, relentless, too intense, impatientSometimes feeling lonely, -longing for togetherness,sharing meals, feelings, thoughts, - tears and laughter -going into spaceless spaceSometimes longing for love -longing for the one to give my love,-the final oneWithin me there are hidden a whole bunch of peoplelooking through my eyes - sometimes with a blink of smilesometimes with some sadness -by repeating old encounters working through knotted dependencies and still not coming togetherThrough the long chain of incarnations the spiral comes nearer to the centernothing is lost, all links are present:The Russian musician, singer, dancer, actor, - surrenderingThe proud and desperate red Indian, - giving upThe wise Egyptian priest and temple builder, - piercing through limitsThe buddhist tantra monk, - lost in love affairs with temple dancersThere is the laughing zen priest, the alert samurai the silent Tibetan, the artistic Persian,and many more.The fighter, the wise, the desperate, the lonely, -the one who gave up, the one who stood up, the one who loved -again and again and again. -My goal of life is to try experience all the wildest things in life (defining "wild" is up to you) and never look back or regret about anythingI feared being aloneuntil I learned to likemyself.I feared failureuntil I realized that I onlyfail when I don't try.I feared successuntil I realizedthat I had to tryin order to be happywith myself.I feared people's opinionsuntil I learned thatpeople would have opinionsabout me anyway.I feared rejectionuntil I learned to have faith in myself.I feared painuntil I learned thatit's necessaryfor growth.I feared the truthuntil I saw the ugliness in lies.I feared lifeuntil I experiencedits beauty.I feared deathuntil I realized that it'snot an end, but a beginning.I feared my destiny,until I realized thatI had the power to changemy life.


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