Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Swastik- Symbol of Hinduism at 'Shakti Peeth', Chattarpur, New Delhi, India.
“Hands off our sacred Swastika” must be the loudest roar of the followers of Vedic or Hindu Dharma and all its sects all over the world to save the divinity, purity, auspiciousness, serenity, prestige and position Swastika holds in human race, after the German members of European Parliament called for the total ban on the use of Swastika all over Europe in protest of Prince Harry’s provocation of international outrage by wearing Nazi outfits with a swastika arm band in a private fancy dress party. It is shocking and astonishing news for the lovers of Swastika, irrespective of their faiths, all over the world that the European parliament is in opinion of considering such a ban on this innocent symbol. What has Swastika done wrong? What is the crime of Swastika? Once the most popular, respected, beloved, revered and worshipped symbol of human being all over the world by all races and all faiths is facing socially, religiously and ethical discrimination in Christian dominated European Parliament. This senseless, idiotic and illogical motion of Swastika phobia must be opposed strongly and stopped immediately with the demand of lifting the ban and reinstating the use and status of Swastika in Germany. The people of the world must be educated and re-educated in the subject of Swastika to justify such worldwide agitation not only to save the Swastika but also to reinstate this holy and humble symbol with all its status, glory and respects.


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