What is Death

Friday, September 12, 2008

What is this horror
Its name is Death
It hunts and prowls
It kills and destroys
It takes what is not its to take
It wounds the soulIt destroys the love of life
And the link of love
But little does it knowDeath has a peer
A greater powerA stronger force
And Its name is LifeAnd as death is a theif
Life is a blessing
Life gives
Death takes
And just as Death
Devil prowls and sneaks
Searching for a foothold
A weak spot in the soul
But little does it know
The Devil has a peer
And as Life gives
The Lord protects
Closing up the footholds
And Sealing the weakness in the soul

What is the definition of Death?Death is when a plane crashes into a desert with no one around you seeyou crashDeath is when you crash your car into a ditch knowing that you are goingto die alone with no one to hear your last dying wordsDeath is when you are on a bicycle on the side of the road and a drunkdriver crashes into you leaving you mangled on the side of the road withno one around to see that you are all rightDeath is when you are walking along side of the road in broad daylightwhen a vehicle hits you and leaves you for deadDeath is when you are running in a race with everyone behind you and youfall landing on your face knowing that you have to get back up beforethey will trample you deathWhat is the definition of Death?Death is when you are about to die a horrible slow death alone with noone to comfort you in the last moments of your lifeDeath is when you are old and you are in the hospital alone by yourselfin a strange place hoping your family will come to see youDeath is when you are at home alone and you have a heart attack knowingthat if you do not reach the telephone you will die in your own homealoneDeath is when you are old and dying and you have Alzheimer’s disease andif you do not get home someone will try to take your wallet and you mightdie because you resisted to be robbedDeath is when you have a slow terrible disease that has no known cure andyou want to tell someone else besides yourself but if you do the peoplethat you told them what you had all they did was make a funny face andrun away from youWhat is the definition of Death?Death is when you see countless millions of people die every day becausethey have no food to eat or anything to quench their dying thirstDeath is when the head of household gives away their food to his childrenor his wife to eat so that they can survive while he dies of starvationwhile they grow stronger each day while he grows weaker each dayDeath is when you starve yourself to the point of death knowing that youshould eat the food that is available to youDeath is seeing the people you love and cherish most die slicing theirwrists so that they do not have to face their peers at school or seetheir siblings againDeath is when you see a poor human being walking by in a ragged coat andjeans that can be used as rags thinking nothing but what is he going toeat tomorrow once today’s food is all goneWhat is the definition of Death?Death is when the army is shooting at other people on the T.V. while youare safe at home eating your favorite foodDeath is when countless millions of people suffering because the armykeeps ruining all their buildings that they used to live inDeath is when countless millions of innocent people die because they gothit by a stray bullet walking down the street?Death is when the army sneaks into building and opens fire only to findout later after they had killed everyone in the room that is was filledwith women and childrenDeath is when the army bombs a village killing everyone including the menthe people they wanted to kill including innocent women and childrenWhat is the definition of Death?Death is when you are alone in your bedroom hurting because someone hurtyou and your only solution you can think of at the moment is sitting onyour lap with your hand on the trigger knowing if you put the gun to yourhead the pain will stop but your family’s pain will never stop because ofwhat you didDeath is when you are walking down an alley with cash in your pocket anda person comes along with a loaded gun in their hand and wants some moneyknowing that if you do not give him the money he will shoot you and leaveyou her until you die alone in a dark alley with no one around to hearyour dying wordsDeath is when you are cashing a check that you feel that you have earnedfrom a good paying job when someone comes in with a gun in one hand and a bag in the other telling you to put everything in it that you own knowingif you do not comply he will shoot youDeath is when a person you love is dying and they ask you to shoot themso that they do not have to suffer any longer knowing if you do not shootthat person then you will disgrace his memory because you did not honorhis final wish of youDeath is when you are desperate for some money so that you can eattomorrow and you rob a bank so that you will have food tomorrow but yougo to jail insteadWhat is the definition of Death?Death is also one word that can send people crying their heart out. Whydo people cry when they hear about Death? They cry because someone theyare close to die and they did not say goodbye to them or did not even saythat they love them before they passed away from this Earth. Death isunavoidable. Why do people run from it when they know it is pointless torun away from it? The people that are running away from it spendcountless millions of dollars for research so they can postpone the dayof their Judgment. If they succeeded in postponing Death then everyonewill want to have for themselves because they do not want to die yet. Ifeveryone gets hold of it then the population of this Earth will no longerbe contained. If people will not die then many fathers will go hungrybecause they want their children may have a chance to stay alive to seeanother day. I know that is sad to hear but it is true. Death is also abalance of Life. Life is a delicate scale. If that scale tips a littlethe wrong way then Life will cease to exist as we know it.


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