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Thursday, July 17, 2008

If we all want and need friends why cant we get along with people who are willing to be our friends? Why do people complain about the communities they live in, yet refuse to do nothing about it themselves? Why do people say they hate someone even when they don?t know the person they are going against? When will humans recognize that beauty isn?t found in a magazine it?s what?s found deep inside your heart and that what?s inside is what makes that person who they are? What causes people to take life for granted, and act like they have nothing when they actually have everything and don?t realize it. All of these questions and more are points in everyone's life that we all have to deal with.
Life is always looking for the light at the end of every dark and treacherous tunnel and never looking behind you because you think the path is getting to rough. To live is to learn we need to take one of life?s endless lessons from our laborious journeys of the past and the present and use them towards those coming up in the future. Even though cho
. . . Our lives and personalities may be different but deep down inside we all want and need the same things. You need to be active in your community also you can?t complain about it and then expect everyone else to do what you want done; you need to stand up and take the first step into accomplishing your goal. Everyone does it just takes someone else to make us realize it sometimes. Love is knowing you have someone at the end of the tunnel waiting for you that will care for you and tell you that you made and then prepare you your next trek. It?s a giant circle if one thing falls the other falls too. Love is the warm feeling you get inside every time that special someone walks past you and you make direct eye contact.
Literature is something that people of all ages need to use and learn to comprehend. Everyone who has ever created an Idea worth writing about has and has written it for a reason, to be read and to be remembered someday by someone who they might not have even known.
Life is something worth caring about we all need to stand tall and accept our differences. It can be a wonderful thing as long as you make it enjoyable. But it takes real inner strength to keep pushing at something to try to continue and accomplish your goals in life, because neither how big or how small a problem may seem nothing is ever worth giving up. We need to work to preserve our natural areas as they are to keep our world and us healthy and in good order. Writing is a view into the soul of the author depending on their writing style, topic, how long they write all these things give you an idea about how the authors personality was. You are only as good as the company you keep and a good community is a reflection on what you might be like as you grow older.

It’s to easy to just give up and say that you can’t do something. In the time I’ve spent in this world I’ve cried and laughed, I’ve Suffered and I’ve enjoyed, I’ve tried and I’ve fallen, I’ve received and I’ve lost, I’ve lived and I’ve loved. But yet I’m still confused on many things.
For instance, what is love? Many think its the strongest emotion that a human being can have, but I seem to find the word over used and I think its lost its meaning. These days’ people throw the word around all the time. People look at situations and say, “oh that’s not love and try to define it as something else, like lust, infatuation, or ‘deep liking’ who is to say what love is and what love isn’t? Its a word that really cant be defined because it means something different to everyone.
I used to have the fairy tale dream. One day prince charming would come riding up for me on his horse and wed ride away to his castle where we would live happily ever after with our children, but through heartache and suffering I’ve realized that dream will never happen, nor will anything close to it. I don’t fully understand the word love and I don’t think I ever will.
But who needs love? I’ve lived my life for fifteen years without it, why should I change
. . . The phones sitting on the hook yet you cant dial their number and hear their voice like you used to. That now? I have my friends who keep me on solid ground. Its a soul hurt, a body hurt, a real gets inside of you and rips you apart pain. Don't let on that you're not, what you're pretending to be. Friendship may end up in love but love never ends up in friendship, at least not to the extent it was before.
Something must be wrong with me with all this hurt inside, always bursting with anger, and never any pride. When I’m all alone no one can see the darkness in my eyes, so every night I cry, I suffer in silence, I wont deny that the pain is real if asked, but that never happens. I’m going insane, a little bit more everyday and everything I once thought I wanted I now realized is the last thing I want and need. People say the best relationships come from friendships, yet I could never date one of my close friends. Hide the pain, carry on, routine is the key.
What about being independent? Being able to do what you want whenever you want and not having to worry that someone else is over analyzing everything you say all the time seems ok to me. So you give up so many chances to be with wonderful people all because you wish they made you feel like it was the first time all over again. Its hard to lose the one you love and to finally say goodbye. Since I’m a fan of quotes another one comes to mind.


tripti said...


Today i was a bit relax so read your post about life ,very nicely written and very true each word of post.
But was wondering no one has commented on such a nice post.

Still reading the other posts , will give you the comments later on those .
Keep writing .

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