Love is tall and thick and loud.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Love is a blustery fellow.

He takes me on carnival rides, swings me through air like a doll.
I'm a puppet with strings; I'm a puppet.I fly, I fall, I twitch.
Love is tall and thick and loud.
He orders me about. I obey.
I obey for the joy of it, for the thrill. Up we go, and down again. When Love leaves, he slams the door. The window crackles and breaks.
For months, for years, I gather slivers of glass from the floor.
Broken glass. Yellow, blue. Red.


nituscorner said...

Love is also is also is understanding....and is sleepness is getting wet in the is is silent is unconditional and comes without a is priceless.

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