Life- A fairytale Fantasy

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fairytale Fantasy
each minutenew dreamsnew desires
skip and hop to onejump up and down to onescream and shout into another
60 minutes60 dreams60 desires
time is shortdream is even shorterfind onelive the dreamproceed to the next
a series of mindless funa series of playful mischieflife is one big utopiafun and laughter at every step
a ghost herea bad guy thererun, scream and hide
see merun awaymiss mecome near
a different wishfor everyonea different wishfor every occasion
blissfully unaware of the worldwith an equally carefree attitudelife is one bigfairytale fantasy


Puja Kapoor said...

hey this one is a real good one

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