Gaza: Where is Humanity?

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Pic: BBC online
Up until the second week of the war more than 750 Palestinians were killed and thousands injured. This is the highest Palestinian toll in four decades of occupation, and the figure is expected to be much bigger when a ceasefire is finally called. The few hospitals in Gaza, already under strain on account of the blockade, have not been able to cope with the tragedy. Israeli helicopter gunships have gone to the extent of targeting ambulances carrying the injured. Ehab Mahbub, a Palestinian doctor, was killed when his ambulance was hit by an Israeli missile. The appeals for blood are getting more and more desperate.

Karen Abu Zayed, the Commissioner for the U.N. Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), said the need for aid “has never been so acute”. The media, both Israeli and international, have been kept out of Gaza despite an Israeli Supreme Court directive to the government to allow the media to cover the unfolding human catastrophe. The United States and other Western countries, which otherwise are great votaries of free media, have not been complaining too much about this.
“Disastrous” situation
Before the invasion, a spokesman for the UNRWA described the humanitarian situation in Gaza as “disastrous” and said the agency was unable to get medical supplies into Gaza for more than a year because of Israel’s blockade of the border crossings.

In 2008, the Israeli Supreme Court, behaving as an appendage of the state, ruled that the government was authorised to limit the supply of electricity, petrol and diesel to Gaza since these “diminished quantities sufficiently meet humanitarian needs”. The Supreme Court also sanctioned collective punishment for the hapless people almost a year ago. Collective punishment is prohibited under international law. “If the residents of the Gaza Strip deserve to be punished because of the Qassam rockets, then maybe all Israelis need to be punished because of the occupation,” prominent Israeli commentator Gideon Levy wrote in a recent article. The Jewish state, with the tacit support of sections of the Palestinian Authority and neighbouring Arab states, tried first to starve Gazans into submission. They had hoped that the population would rise in revolt and throw out the Hamas-led government. When that blueprint did not materialise, Israel prepared for a military assault to get rid of Hamas and other militant groups in Gaza. These are the only groups that are keeping the flag of resistance still flying in the occupied territories. A senior Israeli army officer told The New York Times that the purpose of the invasion was to “make Hamas either lose their will or lose their weapons”.

The U.N. has also not covered itself in glory as Israel keeps on violating all established international norms with impunity. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon has not explicitly condemned the targeting of civilian neighbourhoods. The Security Council has failed even to come out with a statement mildly censoring Israel. Instead, the U.N. has played into Israel’s hands by calling for “restraint” on both sides. In doing so, it has put Israel, which has the most powerful army in the region, and the Hamas militia, which operates under the jackboot of the occupation, on the same footing.

As Hannan Ashrawi, Palestinian political activist and member of the Palestinian Liberation Organisation, (PLO) said, the international community should have realised a long time ago that it is the Israeli occupation and the continuous brutalisation of Palestinians that is the root cause of the conflict. In the past seven years, more than 5,000 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli army. The Israeli toll during the same period was 14 civilians, killed mainly by rocket fire. On the first day of the Israeli “death from above” campaign, more than 300 Palestinian civilians were killed. The Israeli army announced that it had dropped 100 tonnes of bombs in the first nine hours of the operation.

Professor Richard Falk, the U.N. rapporteur to the occupied territories, said in the first week of January that the Israeli attack on Gaza represented a severe and massive violation of international humanitarian law as defined by the Geneva Conventions regarding the obligations of an occupying power and the requirements of the laws of war.

The eminent American expert on international law also noted that Israel had ignored recent Hamas initiatives to re-establish the military truce after it expired on December 26. According to Falk, the Israeli military invasion and the catastrophic human toll it has caused “challenge those countries that have been and remain complicit, either directly or indirectly, in Israel’s violation of international law”.

This complicity, said Falk, extended to those countries knowingly providing military equipment for these illegal attacks. The U.S. is no doubt the main provider of arms for the Zionist state, but some other countries, such as India, are also filling its coffers, helping it to spread terror in the region. Israel is all set to supplant Russia as the biggest supplier of arms to India. In November, just as Israel was getting ready to invade Gaza, a high-level Indian delegation was in Tel Aviv to firm up multi-billion-dollar defence contracts. It is well known that Mossad and the Israeli state-controlled armaments industry have a big stake in all these defence deals.

The Communist Party of India (Marxist) and other Left parties have appealed to the Indian government to at least snap defence links with Israel in the wake of the Gaza invasion. President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela has shown the way to world leaders by expelling Israel’s Ambassador to his country. In a televised address, he compared Israel’s invasion of Gaza to the “holocaust” against Jews during the Second World War. He said the President of Israel and the President of the U.S. should be taken together to the International Criminal Court. “How sad that Israel continues to act as the assassin’s arm of the Yankee Empire,” Chavez said.

After flattening Gaza with bombs and missiles fired from their planes and helicopter gunships, Israel sent its elite troops, backed by heavy armour, into the territory. It dropped 1,000-kg bombs to flatten entire neighbourhoods and to prepare the ground for the advance of its troops.

Ceasefire efforts
After the attack on the U.N. school building, the efforts to bring about a ceasefire have intensified. A joint French-Egyptian initiative, which calls on Israel to withdraw and Hamas to stop firing rockets, has been supported by the U.S. in the U.N. Security Council. United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has, however, not called for a halt to the Israeli military operations even after the wilful targeting of the U.N. school. Both Israeli and Hamas leaderships have said they are studying the French-Egyptian proposals seriously.

The Israeli government announced on January 7 that the military would stop shooting for three hours every day to allow essential humanitarian supplies into Gaza. But the Israeli army also stated that it would respond immediately to any provocations. As of the second week of January, the Israeli establishment has indicated that it wants to continue the military offensive despite demands from the international community for an immediate ceasefire. Meanwhile, the defiant Hamas rocket-fire continues, underlining the fact that the Israeli war machine has not been able to achieve its stated goal of disarming Hamas fighters so far.


Herbal Chicken

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Once upon a time, not long ago, we were made to learn by heart at least one essay in school. Often it used to be - India, an agriculture based nation (Krishi Pradhan Desh). Among other things, the essay used to contain exaggerated description of great mountain range, social tolerance, cultural integration and the holy rivers of India. Our glorious past was pressed in service any where and everywhere. We were like that unworthy nephew of a worthy uncle who flauntingly name dropped his uncle on every occasion.

Initially, obliquely in a hushed tone with jest and later with much solemnity it was proclaimed that India, actually, is a chair (read power) based nation (Kursi Pradhan Desh). The game of musical chair, vying for better and higher chair became so aggressive, people won't let the chair, once occupied, come what may, slip away from their posteriors. They applied variety of glue, Fevicol, Ereldite and what have you so that chair and they could become as inseparable as Siamese twins. They were so much smitten by their love for chair, they simply refused to die without one.

Necessity is mother of invention, hence, we invented hundreds of corporate bodies, development authorities corporations, societies and committees whose term was never enough to complete the assigned task. Chairperson always outgrows the commission to head yet another commission. A new class of politicians and administrators emerged who moved freely heading committee after committee with professional ease.

During seventies, there was a massive import (smuggling) of Disco-mania into India. Disco culture penetrated deep in us through whatever opening it could find. Masses also enjoyed disco-music, disco restaurants. Small towns and even country side had their share of Swadeshi disco through items such as disco bindi, disco bangles, disco shoes, disco slippers disco goggles, disco cigarettes and disco coach (Bombay to Goa). Sizzling seventies gave us two more turning points, film Bobby and bell-bottom but that is another story.

Exciting eighties brought revolution in two main areas transportation and packaging. Vehicles which had a waiting period of around ten years and mere booking them added sufficient snob value to your status, were now available off the shelf but there were no takers. Sheer variety of two wheelers more than succeeded in confusing the prospective buyers. Thanks to Japanese, they smiled, we cried, while paying the overdue installments.

In recent times no concept has gone deeper in our day to day life than that of packaging. From Sambhar (of Dosa fame) to milk, whisky, salted water (Gol-Gappa kind) ghee, oil you name it and it is available in poly packs. Our value system too got packaged in keeping with the times. Our, hitherto, solemn events such as marriage celebrations and obituary references came out with vulgar openness. Newspapers carry fancy ads for brides and grooms. The day is not far off when we will have M.Rs…. Marriage Representatives who will campaign door to door in their bid to bring together slim, fair, convent educated brides and tall, dark handsome green card holder computer engineers.

Naughty nineties saw en mass shift of beauty parlors from Connaught Place to backyard/barsati of Babu colonies. Indians have a rich tradition of decorating themselves (especially ladies). Thus, these parlors offered manicure, pedicure, oils, creams, face packs, lipo-suction, facelifts and cosmetic surgery of infinite variety. Howsoever good skin you possessed so far, beauty parlors found fault with it and promised to transform you in as beautiful as the current reigning cine actor/actress. No sooner this field got into cut throat competition, many a times, literally, thanks to cupid. Finding no other way out people went back to ancient Indian culture. Whenever you are confused and you find no answers … go back to ancient Indian culture. One is sure to find seemingly simplistic solution/solace from your present ills, which any way are largely of your own making. Thus, cut throat competition led to people's search for herbs.

A new slogan was coined - Be Indian Buy Indian. In our bid to buy Indian we went a little too far and ended up shopping politicians, bureaucrats, bridegrooms and discovered to our pleasant amazement that this poor lot was ever so eager to be bought. Our search to find something unique took us to so far little known hazy world of herbs. We were quick to realize that anything herbal would stand out among the 136 types of shampoos and 256 types of toilet soaps currently in the market. Hence, we have herbal with H capital in our household. Herbal tooth paste, herbal Kajal, herbal powder, herbal cream, herbal soap, herbal oil etc. Today you can sell soil of your kitchen garden in the name of herbal provided you know the art of packaging and marketing.

The latest is that hens have decided to lay Veggie eggs so that vegetarians also could savor without having to bother about guilt and religious sentiments. Hens also would be absolved of the charge of favoritism of catering to non-veg only). Subsequently, latest proposal is to launch a herbal chicken. You may wonder chicken and herbal, strange combination. Let me clarify a chicken which has rich Indian herbs as feed will have to be called a herbal chicken - no cheating this. If you can have desi chicken, broiler chicken why not herbal chicken. Next time you go shopping, insist for a herbal chicken and don't be surprised if you are actually offered one too.


Outsourcing here also

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On the morning of New Year’s Eve, while I was loafing on Main Street, I meet an old friend of mine.

“Hi!” I say.
“Hi,” he says, “where to?”
“Aimless loitering,”
I say, “And you?”
My Friend Ankit:I’m going to work.”
Me:Work? This early? I thought your shift starts in the evening, or late at night. You work at a call center don’t you?”
Ankit:Not now. I quit. I’m on my own now.”
Me:On your own? What do you do?”
Me: “LPO? What’s that?”
Ankit: “Life Process Outsourcing.”
Me: “Life Process Outsourcing? Never heard of it!”
Ankit:“You’ve heard of Business Process Outsourcing, haven’t you?”
Me: “BPO? Outsourcing non-core business activities and functions.”
Precisely. LPO is similar to BPO. There it’s Business Processes which are outsourced, here it’s Life Processes.”
Me: “Life Processes? Outsourced?”
Ankit: “Why don’t you come along with me? I’ll show you.”

Soon we are in his office. It looks like a mini call center.

A young attractive girl welcomes us. “Meet Rita, my Manager,” my friend says, and introduces us.
Rita looks distraught, and says to my friend, “ I’m not feeling well. Must be viral fever.”
No problem. My friend here will stand in.”
“What? I don’t have a clue about all this LPO thing!”
I protest.
There’s nothing like learning on thejob! Rita will show you.”
It’s simple,” Rita says, in a hurry. “Seethe console. You just press the appropriate switch and route the call to the appropriate person or agency.” And with these words she disappears.
It’s the shortest training I have ever had in my life.

And so I plunge into the world of Life Process Outsourcing; or LPO as they call it.

It’s all very simple. Working people don’t seem to have time these days, but they have lots of money; especially those double income couples, IT nerds, MBA hot shots, finance wizards; just about everybody in the modern rat race.

‘Non-core Life Activities’, for which they neither have the inclination or the time – outsource them; so you can maximize your work-time to rake in the money and make a fast climb up the ladder of success.

“My niece daughter in her school. They want someone to pick her up and take her home. I’m busy in a shoot and just can’t leave,” a creative ad agency type says.
Why don’t you tell your husband? I say.
“Are you crazy or something. I’m a single mother.”
“Sorry ma’am. I didn’t know. My condolences.”
“Condolences? Who’s this? Is this LPO?”

Yes ma’am,” I say, press the button marked ‘children’ and transfer the call, hoping I have made the right choice. Maybe I should have pressed ‘doctor’. Nothing happens for the next few moments. I breathe a sigh of relief.

A yuppie wants his grandmother to be taken to a movie. I press the ‘movies’ button. ‘Movies’ transfers the call back, “Hey, this is for movie tickets; try ‘escort services’. He wants the old hag escorted to the movies.”

‘Escort Services’ are in high demand. These guys and girls, slogging in their offices minting money, want escort services for their kith and kin for various non-core family processes like shopping, movies, eating out, sight seeing, marriages, funerals, all types of functions; even going to art galleries, book fairs, exhibitions, zoos, museums or even a walk in the nearby garden.

A father wants someone to read bedtime stories to his small son while he works late. A busy couple wants proxy stand-in ‘parents’ at the school PTA meeting. An investment banker rings up from Singapore; he wants his mother to be taken to pray in a temple at a certain time on a specific day. Someone wants his kids to be taken for a swim, brunch, a play and browsing books and music.

An IT project manager wants someone to motivate and pep-talk her husband, who’s been recently sacked, and is cribbing away at home demoralized. He desperately needs someone to talk to, unburden himself, but the wife is busy – she neither has the time nor the inclination to take a few days off to boost the morale of her depressed husband when there are deadlines to be met at work and so much is at stake.

The things they want outsourced range from the mundane to the bizarre; life processes that one earlier enjoyed and took pride in doing or did as one’s sacred duty are considered ‘non-core life activities’ now-a-days by these highfalutin people.

At the end of the day I feel illuminated on this novel concept of Life Process Outsourcing, and I am about to leave, when suddenly a call comes in.

“LPO?” a man asks softly.
“Yes, this is LPO. May I help you?” I say.
I’m speaking from Frankfurt Airport. I really don’t know if I can ask this?” he says nervously.
Please go ahead and feel free to ask anything you desire, Sir. We do everything.”

Yes, Sir. Anything and everything!” I say.

I don’t know how to say this. This is the first time I’m asking. You see, I am working 24/7 on an important project for the last few months. I’m globetrotting abroad and can’t make it there. Can you please arrange for someone suitable to take my wife out to the New Year’s Eve Dance?”

I am taken aback but quickly recover, Yes, Sir.”
Please send someone really good, an excellent dancer, and make sure she enjoys and has a good time. She loves dancing and I just haven’t had the time.”
“Of course, Sir.I said to him
And I told you – I’ve been away abroad for quite some time now and I’ve got to stay out here till I complete the project.” he says
“I know. Work takes top priority.” I say
My wife friend. She’s been lonely. She desperately needs some love. Do you have someone with a loving and caring nature who can give her some love? I just don’t have the time. You understand what I’m saying, don’t you?” he says

I let the words sink in. This is one call I am not going to transfer. “Please give me the details, Sir,” I say softly into the mike.

As I walk towards my destination with a spring in my step, I feel truly enlightened. Till this moment, I never knew that love was a non-core life process worthy of outsourcing.

Long Live Life Process Outsourcing!


My dates with Dentist

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I had just stepped into a dentist office and I read this inspiring quote ‘To extract is human but to restore is divine’.

That sums up the dreary dictum of dentists. Have we ever come back from a dentist hearing good news about our teeth? No! It’s always bad news. Dentistry means drilling, filling and billing.
Everyone dreads a dentist’s chair. It is the second worst fear after public speaking. My dates with dentists date back to my childhood. I was just eight and was sitting on that dentist’s chair and he said sweetly, ‘Hi son, open your mouth, Let me see if you have fine teeth.’
And I opened – ‘AAAHHHHH!’
He started examining my teeth and suddenly I bit his fingers.
He was screaming in pain. My father rushed in and asked, ‘Why did you do it my son?’
I just pointed to the name board–‘Dr Ghazanfar, Painless Dentist’.

I had just a cavity in my molar tooth. He made a mountain out that molar inventing four more. He then asked my father what kind of filling he should use. Hearing it,

I snapped back- ‘Chocolate or Ice cream filling please!’ On my next date, he informed my father that a tooth needed extraction.

My father asked, ‘What is the fee doctor?’

He said ‘Fifty rupees.’

My penny-pinching father made a bargain note- ‘Doctor, Fifty rupees for just five minutes of job!’

The dentist retorted dauntlessly, ‘I can extract slowly, if you want’.

When I was 20, I had my first root canal treatment. The dentist kept on digging and digging and finally the canal became as wide as the Suez Canal. He then said I needed a bridge to fill the gap. I felt like telling I cannot pay the toll.

Fed up, I enquired him- ‘Doctor, don’t you get tired of spending the whole day with your hands in my mouth?’

He said, ‘No, my son, I just think that I am putting my hands in your wallet’.

I then realized that all dentists lead a hand-to- mouth existence. A dentist is like a magician who, having put metal in your mouth pulls coins from your pocket.

Recently I took my girl friend to a dentist.
While she was getting ready to leave, I told her the story of a couple who went to meet a dentist. When the couple reached the dentist's office,
the man who was in a big hurry told the dentist: ‘Doctor, no fancy stuff! No painkillers please! Just pull the tooth and get it over with!’

The dentist looked at him admiringly and said, ‘ I wish all my patients had your courage. Good! Now, show me your tooth’.

The man suddenly turned to his wife, ‘Honey, show your tooth’.

Well, I reassured my wary girlfriend that it would be a painless one.

My girlfriend sat on the chair and the dentist started examining her teeth. Suddenly my friend uttered a huge cry.

Surprised, the doctor remarked ‘Madam, I have not started drilling yet’. ‘
Doctor, you are standing on my feet’, my friend screamed back.
Oops!’ he apologized and continued his examination. Suddenly he made a diagnostic shriek ‘Caries! Caries!’
Confused, my friend responded shyly ‘No, I am not carrying doctor’. ‘I meant dental caries!’ clarified the dentist.
I felt concerned about the examination and asked him ‘Do you extract tooth painlessly?’

He looked at me and said, ‘Not always, the other day I nearly dislocated my wrist pulling a tooth’.
At last, he pulled out her tooth without getting on her nerves further.
When I saw the bill I was shocked, as he had charged 400 Rupees. I confronted him- ‘Doctor, this is four times your normal fee for a tooth extraction’.
The dentist explained, ‘Yes, I know. But her scream scared away four patients from my waiting room’.

No wonder dentists are driven to extortion… I mean extraction. When a dentist makes an extraction, you hope he pulls the tooth, the whole tooth and nothing but the tooth. If it is wrong, it is ‘acci-dental’. If it is right, it is ‘inci-dental’.
Incidentally my father had all his teeth extracted when he was seventy. A week later I asked him, ‘Papa, how do you feel after extracting all your teeth?’
He said ‘Terrible my son, terrible! I will never do it again’.
Last month, I had my final sitting with my dentist.
He was examining my molar teeth and said, ‘My God, It is a big cavity! It is a big cavity!’. Annoyed, I told him ‘You don’t have to repeat it’.
He said, ‘I didn’t repeat it. It was an echo coming from there!’
Unaware of my many dates with dentists, my friend Waheed poked into my mouth last week and said ‘Hey PGR, you have very fine teeth!.
I said, ‘They are all mine, I have the bills from Al Mana hospital.’
I have now decided to distance myself from dentists to avoid getting bored to tears and filled with fillers.

If I have yellow teeth, I just wear a brown tie to give me an ‘occi-dental’ touch or just practice ‘tras-dental’ medication.


पता नहीं अब कब रोऊँगा अगली बार

स्वाद चखा कल आँसू का जब बरसों बाद।
आया समन्दर का खारापन मुझको याद।।
दिल का दर्द पिघलकर बाहर आया था;
बहने दिया मैंने भी खुलकर बरसों बाद।

बहुत ज़रूरी है जीवन में रोना भी;
सीखा यारों मैंने जाकर ये बरसों बाद।
अश्कों ने धो डाला दिल के घावों को;
आज मिली कुछ राहत मुझको बरसों बाद।

वैसे तो रोना फितरत है हसीनों की;
सीख लो उनसे ये गर रहना है आबाद।
पता नहीं अब कब रोऊँगा अगली बार;
शायद बहेगा मन का नमक फिर बरसों बाद।


जो पल बीते साथ तुम्हारे

Friday, January 23, 2009

रिश्ते टूटे बंधन टूटे सजने वाले दर्पण टूटे
सब कुछ तोड़ के बेशक जाना लेकिन पहले यह तो बताना
जो पल बीते साथ तुम्हारे उनसे पीछा कैसे छूटे

हॅस्ते हुए रहते थे हम, रोते हुए जीने लगे
खुशिया हुई मन से विदा, गम में तेरे मरने लगे

लोग करेंगे क्या क्या बातें, याद हैं सावन की बरसातें
जो पल भीगे साथ तुम्हारे, उनसे पीछा कैसे छूटे

कहती हैं शाम यह क्या हुआ नगमा कोई गाते नही
गुलशन ने भी पूछा मुझसे अब तुम दोनो आते नही

मुश्किल हैं कितना यह समझाना, टूटे दिल का दर्द छुपाना
जो पल महके साथ तुम्हारे उनकी खुश्बू कैसे छूटे

रिश्ते टूटे बंधन टूटे सजने वाले दर्पण टूटे


Divorce: Concluding Part (Doomsday conspiracy)

Thanks again to all readers for some good positive response and suggestions. This is fourth and last part of this series, i have tried my best so hope you find it good. Happy Reading.
The city of Nagpur was retiring for the night, as sun set and gave way to darkness, street lamps glow and people throng back to their home after another working day comes to an end. Traffic was like any other customary day, packed with daily commuters as bus, cars, two-wheelers try to move ahead in normal moving traffic.
It was not usual evening in the life of Neha as she drove back home after long day work at office. She was full of excitement after day of work. She couldn’t stop smiling as she sang sitting in her black Honda City, life will never be same again for her. The moment for which she waited for years was finally here, she wanted to be with some one close to her. No one was closer to her than Rajeev, she wanted to join him at house as soon as possible, she wanted to fly, and she wanted to hug her hubby today. She was happy and lost in her thought, thinking that things will change from here on. She can see their martial life back on track. She was feeling the baby in side her womb, the feeling of mother hood, the best feeling a woman can have, a moment that every women waits, its re birth for them. It’s something very special which no writer or poet can describe neither any man can understand.

Motherhood is priced of God, at price no man may dare to lessen or misunderstand. We know that birth takes a woman from one place in her life to another. The birth of a child certainly does change her viewpoint of herself and I believe her viewpoint of the world. The fact that all woman are trained to be mothers from infancy on means that they are all trained to devote our lives to men, whether they are their sons or not; that we are all trained to force other women to exemplify the lack of qualities which characterizes the cultural construct of femininity.

She reaches home but finds room locked, so opens the door sits on sofa, thinks something, open her bag and see the medical report which doctor gave her today, she is excited to know that she is six weeks pregnant, she wanted to convey the message to Rajeev, thinks of calling him but then aborts the idea. She wanted to hug him and feel the excitement in his eyes, she waited.

Its 9pm, and the door bell rings. She rushes to gate and opens it in split of second, its Rajeev. She hugs him, she holds him tight, and Rajeev hardly had any clue on why she is doing so. He is amused. “What happened so excited and happy today” Rajeev asks her putting his hand on her back as she still holds her tight.
“Guess what it can be?” she now puts his head on his chest still clutching her tight with her hand.
“Promotion?” he says
“No” she moves and puts her hand on her neck and makes very affectionate eye contact
“Then?” Rajeev asks again.
“You would be soon be a father” she whispers in his ears and tickles it with her nose.
Rajeev is very happy, he is excited to know this, he puts up in his arms, looks at her and kisses on her forehead” aah!! I am so happy, when u came to know?”
To day while returning from office I had scheduled visit to doctor and she gave me this news” she says till swinging in his arms
And you didn’t called me, that’s not fair” he says smiling at her
“If I would have called you then how I would have seen your eyes filled with happiness, and how I would be in your arms” she says looking towards him.

Love was back in their life, conjectures how much a couple get nearer once they become parents, and they start adoring and caring more. It was same here. If not physical love then pure love filled Neha’s heart as she conversed to Rajeev, showing him the medical reports. Both were joyful. Rajeev decides to cook for her today as he enters the kitchen having very less hint about the things inside it. He still searches for it as Neha helps her out; both talk and make some food for themselves. They finish up cooking and after long time Rajeev feeds her with his hand and Neha is in tears again, this time out of delight,
seeing this Rajeev hugs her and says “ I know we waited for this moment for three years now, I am glad deity blessed us”
Neha says” yes, thanks to almighty”

Both finish food and sit and talk as cheerfulness and love re enters the house once again. Finally they had reason to be happy and something to look forward. Neha was no less in terms of beauty than Puja, she looked good and today even better as happiness inside the heart was glowing on her face, making her look even more gorgeous. She is putting a black salwaar kameez which nicely compliments her fair skin and long curly hair.

She lies on his lap as they after long time feel the urge to make love. She pulls him closer to her and holds him tight and kisses her with love as Rajeev gets lost in it. Soon they get lost in each other as peace, happiness and charm returned back to this house.

Its moderate size cabin, as few files a desk top PC, a lap top, few files and a table calendar lies by the side of a pen holder. A picture of Mahatma Gandhi hangs on the wall behind the chair over looking Rajeev. He has been working in this office for last 6 years now as a Superintending Engineer and was more or less content with its work load and payment which company offered to him.
He is lost in his work as his mobile rings. Its Puja’s call and he receives it “I want to meet you now” puja says almost shouting on him
“I have some work, anything urgent” he enquires
“Yes, see me in 30 minutes at my home” she orders and replaces the phone.

Rajeev had no other option as he moves to parking lot takes his black TATA Safari and moves to her house. As he enters the house Puja is waiting for her. Rajeev enquires on what was the reason for such call. She says: “what you thought, you will play with me and as that bitch becomes mother you can leave me, if u has forgotten I divorced Abhisekh because of you, don’t you remember, you dare not think of leaving me”
Rajeev sits beside her and says: “what made you think so that I will leave you, have I ever said this to you?”
Puja: “don’t even dare to do so, I love you and can’t live without you” as she cuddles him
“I know” Rajeev says mildly as bewilderment now occupies his mind.
“So what’s our next move, it’s impossible that now she divorces you, what to do now?” puja asks restlessly
“I will try to get rid of her, let me see what we can do?” says Rajeev as he moves away from her looking out from window and watches kids playing in the adjoining park, he pulls out cigarette from his pocket and starts smoking, showing enough signs of being tensed, he now had no clue what to do next, he thinks that now that Neha is going to be a mother and he a father, how he can leave her at this crucial juncture?
Puja moves towards him and stand along side him and says “even I have kids and had husband but I divorced him, didn’t I?”
Rajeev taking another puff and says “hmm”

They talk for some time and its noon by then; both sit and plan something, as Rajeev meekly agrees to whatever she says. They had some plan in mind which Rajeev was ready to execute before Neha pregnancy report came but now it was tuff for him, it was very tuff leaving Neha now. As he realizes that he did a blunder, but now it’s too late, he is stuck between hard surface and rock.

Puja on other hand tries to convince him that time has come to execute their plan. She had cunning of fox. By virtue of which she got rid of her ex-husband and took huge compensation amount, as Abhisekh left her she now has Rajeev with her. She can easily do same to Rajeev as she what she did to Abhisekh. Rajeev can do the same to Puja as he did to her better half Neha. Its all mind game from here who so ever decides what is good for it, will come out of this trap. It’s not easy, it’s going to be tuff for both of them, they sit as stress and tension is evident on their face.

The room which was once occupied by love, romance, giggles and laughter presented a deadly look as smokes of cigarette and silence returns accompanied by lots of stress and strain. Finally they agree on some thing and now its just matter of time before they execute their plan. A plan that will decide how both move from here on, A plan which will decide whose love is powerful, A plan which would prove out to be mother of all conspiracies, DOOMSDAY CONSPIRACY…..

In fact, one thing that I have noticed . . . is that all of these conspiracy theories depend on the perpetrators being endlessly clever. I think you'll find the facts also work if you assume everyone is endlessly stupid.

It’s a home where bliss has returned after long time, the home which looked bleak once was bursting with joy; Neha was cheerful, a lot. She altered the look of the house, adorned it differently, altered the curtains, furniture and the interiors of the house, a large picture of a kid hangs on the wall as she looks towards, probably hoping that her baby looks like poster kid, she get lost in her thought again, Rajeev has been caring more for her since they heard the good news. Life seemed to be getting back on track as she was happy that Rajeev loves and cares for him now, Puja was last thing on her mind.

The art of living does not consist in preserving and clinging to a particular mode of happiness, but in allowing happiness to change its form without being disappointed by the change; happiness, like a child, must be allowed to grow up. All of us have had the experience of a sudden joy that came when nothing in the world had forewarned us of its coming - a joy so thrilling that if it was born of misery we remembered even the misery with tenderness. She waits for him to arrive as she has taken leave from office to change the look of the house.

Its 7pm and Rajeev is back home, yes he is back on time. He is surprised to see the interiors of the house being changed with in day. He looks here and there and says “Is it our house? You changed so many things, it’s looking much better, and the picture of the baby is so nice!”

Neha is full of joy to hear lovely words from her better half” you liked it” she enquires

“Yes, it’s looking beautiful like you” he hugs her
Neha: “oh am glad that you liked it”
“Where is kitchen, its there only or you shifted it to some where else?” Rajeev says as he smiles
“No, just changed bed room and drawing room” she says
“Oh bed room also? Let me see” Rajeev says as he moves towards bed room He is again surprised to se the beautiful changes in their house: “oh you beauty!! thats good work my sweet heart! I am glad!”
Neha” sure?”
Rajeev “damnn sure!!”

Happiness can bring positive changes in our life; this was evident from Neha’s face and their house now. When you have once seen the glow of happiness on the face of a beloved person, you know that a man can have no vocation but to awaken that light on the faces surrounding him; and you are torn by the thought of the unhappiness and night you cast, by the mere fact of living, in the hearts you encounter. We humans are social beings. We come into the world as the result of others' actions.

We survive here in dependence on others. Whether we like it or not, there is hardly a moment of our lives when we do not benefit from others' activities. For this reason it is hardly surprising that most of our happiness arises in the context of our relationships with others.
Happiness cannot come from without. It must come from within. It is not what we see and touch or that which others do for us which makes us happy; it is that which we think and feel and do, first for the other fellow and then for ourselves. The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers.

They both sit and converse in their changed look of the room, the curtain is now of light pink with lots of small blue flowers on it, the light lamp has changed, the new one looks more elegant and attracting with blue light illuminating from it, the picture on the wall has also been changed and now a picture of a mother holding her baby hangs and looms large on the room,.

Neha never looked so striking and cheerful and she had every rationale to be joyful. She is putting on a lower with Black T shirt as Rajeev lies on her lap doting her charming beauty, both found the vanished and much needed love, Neha’s hair falls on his face as she sits and Rajeev lies on her legs, Neha wants to have some chocolate so Rajeev gets up and gets some from kitchen as they take some liquid chocolate with strawberry, he feeds stawberry dipped in liquid chocolate, he puts some on her nose and chicks and kisses her after that, soon Neha forgets that she was hungry & wanted to have chocolate and gets lost in him holding him tight in her arms and sits on his leg as Rajeev back faces the wall, she holds her closer to him, probably tying to get the feeling which she missed so much all these days.

He kisses her and soon she is in his arms as both have some great moments together. Soon love and romance engulfs the room as they continue making love, Rajeev is kissing her on the back as she gets tickled and giggles, turns her face towards him brings him further close to herself and allows him to do what ever he wants. She holds him tight and moves her soft fingers on his back. The love and care has this meaning also, Neha reminds herself.

After few moments Rajeev is on her belly, keeping his eyes closed as Neha looks towards him and asks “U slept off?”
Rajeev opens his eyes and bites her belly delicately and says “no am trying to snoop and know what my little genius is doing inside” and kisses her belly and moves his lips and hands over it.
Neha putting her hand on Rajeev’s hand and pulls him towards her and holds him closer to her neck and says “let him rest, you come here my little brat”
He rubs his nose to that of hers and bites her neck as they laugh and enjoy some precious moments of their life.

Life seems to be back to normal but for how long?
A couple should be a lovers first as lovers are careless. They are not bothered with the demands of the world. All the cares dissolve down into the substance of the lover. The entire universe gets secreted into the being of that person. Nothing seems important other than the lover. The hustle-bustle of the larger life ceases. All other significant relations - parents, siblings, friends, colleagues - are silenced; their existence reduced down to the melodious hum of the surrounding traffic that whirrs dreamily around the circumference of the garden. Everyone and everything is forgotten.

It’s a well festooned bed room in suburbs of Nagpur as a tedious and fatal stillness occupies the house. Puja was feeling abandoned, as curtain flew touching her hair which was once played by Abhisekh & later by Rajeev. Physical adore and attractions doesn’t last for ever, true love accompanied by physical one surely does. It’s all about which one is your precedence, if someone prioritize the physical it got to be lost some time or other.

Loneliness is the most terrible poverty. Puja lies on bed and thinks “I need him back any how”. She had so many different personalities in her and she still feels lonely. The lonely become either thoughtful or empty. She has become empty. A hollow human, she sees herself in the mirror and can see a stranger in front of her, she finds hard to locate herself.

She sits and peeps out of window looking into the darkness of the city, city is sleeping as she wanders like a lonely soul in the house. Its 11pm, she tries watching TV switches it on but again gets lost in her thoughts, thinks of calling Rajeev but soon aborts the idea. She sits with hand on her head, makes coffee for herself as TV continues playing some song with no viewer. She takes coffee and goes to bed, tries sleeping but in vain.

By then its 12 am, she suddenly hears some sound in the kitchen and moves towards it, she comes back after analyzing kitchen and comes back, she couldn’t see the broken window pane and lies again. She sees a shadow moving towards her. Before she could understand & react it covers her face with a cloth soon she is unconscious, the shadow sits in front of her as she lies cataleptic on her bed, 'the stranger' in the house now acts fast, takes a big knife of her black over-coat, sits and thinks for a while and gazes at Puja, looks at heaven and chops her throat, her face was brutally attacked by knife several times, she was in pool of blood, the face which once attracted many, bored a dreaded look.

The shadow leaves the place as puja’s body lies un-attainted and blood covers the bed and drops of it covers the carpet, soon the color of blood changes from red to dark brown. Her hair is drenched in blood. It’s a murder committed by some one who loathed (hated) her most in this world.
The house maid discovers that after constant banging Puja is not reacting she calls neighbors who in turn calls the police, police breaks the door and sees Puja’s dead body lies in pool of black blood and her face has gone dark blue and almost beyond recognition. Police takes body in their custody and collect the evidence and find that it’s well planned brutal murder.

There appears to be at least 2 rings, a watch and possibly a necklace. All are obviously feminine jewellery. The neighbor standing at the edge of the bed was staring in horrified silence, too stunned to speak. The scene that lay before them was grotesque, a primeval nightmare dredged up from some deep, dark depths of primitive man's collective unconscious. Each witness had a different reaction. One fainted. A second one vomited. A woman was shaking uncontrollably. Another one thought: I'm going to have a heart attack! The elderly catholic clutched his beads and crossed himself.

Later police calls Neha, Rajeev, Abhisekh, Neha’s parents, house maid and few neighbors to police station as interrogation goes on and there was lots of questions all have to face. After detailing what family, friends and the police know about the case The police have some clue but they haven’t concluded any thing as yet.

Rajeev and Neha are back in their house. They were terrorized by this atrocious slaughter; Neha can’t forget Puja’s dreaded face. She is restless so is Rajeev, they seem to be falling in some real problem. It’s been days now since police keep on calling them and many others to police station for cross-examination. Life has taken torrid turn. Its again back to stress and strain.

The three obvious person they though could have committed the crime where :-
Rajeev: Because he now was back in love with his wife Neha and could have done that or get it done by some one as he wanted to get back into his family life.
Abhisekh: Because he was divorced away by Puja and he knew about the extra martial affair and has to pay huge amount as compensation money.
Neha: Because she was most jealous of her and as Puja ruined her life and moreover Neha tried once killing Puja and police knew about this incident during investigation. So neha remained prime suspect but police didn’t rules out other two or even any fourth. But they have to prove in court of law, which was not going to be easy as court of law goes by evidence
Police officer discus all these after days of inspection and cross questioning Neha sitting in interrogation room with some lady constable and a woman IPS officer, Shilpi Srivastav questions her, sitting by the side is SSP crime branch, IPS Khan and few other officers.

SP Shilpi to Neha: “Do you have a gun or a revolver, a German mauser?”
Neha is now three month pregnant and very stressed out for obvious reasonyes, buts in My Husband Rajeev Sehgal’s name”

SP Shipi:” and he has license?”


SP Shipi: “ Where is it?”, neha shows her the license as she knew police now have discovered that she once pointed the gun towards Puja and this question will arise so she carried the license paper with her.

SP Shipi: “Did u ever use it to threaten any one, or did u even carried with you any time in your life?”

Neha: “yes”, listening this lady IPS officer shouts on her, “and don’t you know that’s a crime carrying a gun which is not licensed in your name”
She continues “you pointed out Rajeev Sehgal’s Mauser to him, isn’t it? Why you wanted to kill her, because she had an extra-martial affair with Rajeev Sehgal? Why you killed her and how?”

Listening this she bursts into tears and says as voice her chocked in her throat “ I did pointed out once but I haven’t killed her, I haven’t, trust me” she pleads in front of her.

Lots of questioning and cross examination continue for several hours. Police interrogation can be a nightmare they don’t spare any one, even though Neha was pregnant they continuously called her for questioning. Neha leaves for home with Rajeev after questioning completes.

Next day it was Rajeev turn
The statement of Rajeev indicates that the he believes that locking the door requires more than just shutting the door, i.e. turning a key or putting on a latch chain. In fact the door is self-locking, it locks on closing. The evidence doesn't suggest that the door wasn't closed, but that it wasn't locked. Yet other officer says the killer came through an unlocked door while one insists that someone let the killer in.
“Which scenario should we accept?” Says officer Khan, a senior one with lots of experiences in all these cases “If you provide enough different versions of course one will be correct.” Investigating officer Khan to Rajeev Rajeev later reiterates that the version Maid is telling them is correct and that the knife wasn’t recovered so police were yet to recover that.
Rajeev leaves the interrogation room as officer Khan and Godbole discuss the case

Now it’s Abhisekh in the interrogation room
While saying that it wasn't a huge knife, the knife he indicates is most definitely a big knife. This ambiguous segment covers no matter how big the knife was. His actions indicate a big knife but words indicate one that isn't big. He is covering all possible options. The knife was either big or not big. How can he lose? If he (Rajeev) has murdered Puja.” Says another officer as they smoke out few puffs.

The important thing that Abhisekh admits here is "I don't know..." If I said "I don't know whether Hitler owned a cat", it can't be claimed that I know something about Hitler and cats. I am professing ignorance” says khan as he calls abhisekh tomorrow again for further questioning.

As officers discuss that Rajeev and Neha are not disclosing about their relationships with puja. But when Rajeev does it with the phone house-maid turns it in to a positive statement. Also several examination the phone was seen lying on the floor, the receiver off the hook and covered in blood. There is no police evidence that the phone was used or cut off. In fact her ex-partner abhisekh said that his mother rang Puja and got no reply and assumed Puja had gone to bed (the phone call records suggested that puja did had missed call that night at 12:30 am, that is after she was killed).
Thus the landline phone was not off the hook as the production team showed in their completely bogus reenactment. Also the phone was evidently in the lounge and Puja was killed in the bed room. If she had attempted to use it after the killer left she would not have crawled badly injured back into the kitchen to die. She was dragged to kitchen or it was an attempt to mislead the police. How some one can gain consciousness after such a brutal murder, it’s impossible. There was no physical evidence that Puja left the bed room once the attack began. The stains of the blood covered phone are pure invention by the production team, designed to support Abhisekh’s statement. In a court of law this would be described as falsifying evidence in order to sway the jury. Officer Khan is omitting any violent struggle in bed room, as post mortem report suggested that she was made unconscious by using chloroform.

Yet forgets that the house has been extensively remodeled. There was a passage where he is standing and a wall has been removed to make the passage and lounge one room. Also the wall between the passage, lounge and kitchen has been removed. The wall displays were most probably not even there then. The struggle could not have happened as he described it. Also there was no evidence that the attack occurred anywhere but in the bed room. The senior officer was informed that they were investigating an unsolved murder. Investigating officers were able to reach some conclusion after one month of murder. They thoroughly examined the case and finally it seemed to be sorting out in the court of law.

The police have found that Abhsekh paid huge amount as compensation money and was aware of the extra-martial affair of Puja, also that the affair was physical in nature. Their kids were abandoned in boarding school as Abhisekh life turned into misery and Puja continued having some great time together. In fact before the pregnancy report of Neha, Rajeev and Puja have planned to get Rajeev divorce his wife puja on this very reason but once she was expecting the kid, they shifted to plan B which was killing Neha by a hired killer, but Rajeev was not in favor of this as he re discovered the lost love and charm in their life.

So puja was restless, she wanted to kill Neha anyhow even if that meant Rajeev is not part of it, she was about to execute this before that night when she herself was brutally murdered.

This is how it was all sorted out.
The investigating team found that she was attacked several times with knife even after she died, her face was cut several times with knife and this made evident that it was done by someone who hated her like hell. Police came to know that once neha tried to kill her with her licensed gun so the first finger pointed to wards neha and she had reason as Puja ruined her life, so police thoroughly examined it but couldn’t find any trace of Neha’s involvement in the case.
Next in line was Rajeev, as after Neha got pregnant, he started moving away from Puja and he re-discovered the love in Neha again so again investigating officer concluded that it can be Rajeev, he might not have done it himself but could have hired a professional killer. Neha could have done the same.

The day she was murdered, abhisekh entered the room, yes abhisekh, her ex-husband, he knew all the settings of the room and was probably only after Rajeev who knew all but everything about the house. He enter by kitchen, cutting the window pane slowly to avoid any noise, sound of TV helped his cause. But moment he enters a steel glass falls down and Puja comes to kitchen, he climbs to the upper shelf just above the wall which had door to avoid any contact with Puja He was almost caught but puja couldn’t see the broken window pane as it was not in front of door but adjoining the wall which had door.

He covers his face in case he is not able to execute it and needed to escape, he comes to bed room and sees puja lying and covers Puja’s face with chloroform soaked cloth, she is soon unconscious and this made his plan’s execution much easier. He then brutally murders her with knife which was later discovered by police on the way to his place as he threw it after cleaning it.
He washed his hand and wiped out finger prints but he committed one mistake he forget to recollect the cloth which he soaked in chloroform, as it lied under Puja’s back and police recovered it after the brutal murder. It was difficult to get finger print of the cloth as it was soaked in blood but although it took time the forensic team was able to disclose the finger prints and it matched with Abhisekh’s.

After days of court sittings abhisekh’s admits his crime as police had enough evidence for the same. So police proved abhisekhs involvement in the court of law and court sends him to life imprisonment.
Neha gave birth to baby girl, as sweet and charming like her. Rajeev and Neha named her Pari, now they live with more love and care and slowly things settled down as life returned to normalcy
About the writer:
Who? me aah! Just another one in crowd, falling, getting up and moving on.


You don't deserve my tears

Thursday, January 22, 2009

For eight months I have waited
And held all my tears
But last night I let them flow
I never again wanted to cry for you
Because of what you did
You don't deserve my tears

Because of what you did
I Gave up
I find no hope in humanity
Because of what you did
I see no love in a heart
I look for the corruption
Because of what you did
I no longer care
I try not to feel
I try not to cry
You don't deserve my tears

Because of what you did
I lost the only thing that made me happy
You were what got me through each day
But because of what you did
I don't know what to do

All that is left is tears
Tears that have been waiting to fall
Waiting for me to break
Waiting for me to admit
That I miss your love
But you don't deserve me

Because of what you did
I am now lost
Alone without you or anybody else
You don't deserve my tears
But I still cry for you


Dating in Ruins

This picture of two pigeons having some gr8 time was taken during my last visit to Qutub Minar, New Delhi, India


Divorce Part III (Southward movement)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Thanks every one for your good response and constructive suggestions, this is third and penultimate part, sorry could not conclude in this part as it was getting longer. Hope you will comprehend. Happy reading folks.

The life was never same again for Rajeev and Neha once Puja divorced from her husband Abhisekh. Its another Sunday morning in the life of Neha and Rajeev, its 6:30am in morning sun has just started showing its face to the people, there is absolute tranquil in the room as Neha sleeps with quilt on her, long curly hair of hers is all over the pillow and she looks stunning even while sleeping, three years into marriage she still looks college young at 26 years of age. Her face is half covered with coverlet as she rests on the bed. A glass of water lies on a table on the side of bed with a small night lamp and few magazines over it. Suddenly a bang sound wakes her up, she opens her eye, looks in amusement here and there, then realizes she is in her room only and the sound was off news paper hitting the window, she changes her side only to find Rajeev missing from the bed. Its not usual as he wakes up late on Sunday, she gets off bed all of a sudden looking for her dear husband Neha: “Raj! Raj! Where are you?” She finally smells cigarette and takes a deep breath as she locates him in adjoining room, sitting in an arm chair with cigarette in his hand and ash just attached to cigarette, which showed he just lit it and got lost in his thought and forget to take a puff.

She slowly moves closer to him and utters: “Raj”
He waked up only to realize that he forget what he was doing.
He says: “yes”
Neha:” what happened so early up in morning you left from bed and smoking also?”
Rajeev putting cigarette in the ash tray: “nothing just waked up early so thought not to disturb you”
Neha:” but why you waked up so early , are you ok” put her hand on his head, slightly moving her soft fingers in over his hair, probably trying to show her love, Neha knew that Rajeev has been moving away from him, and she needed to take care of him.
Rajeev: ” I am fine, holding Neha’s hand and probably realizing that it’s her only who stood by him for so many years and supported him for all the bad times.
Neha: “you want to have tea? Shall I get it for you” and sits on his lap”
Rajeev: “ok,” as she kisses on her forehead Neha must not have felt any kiss of his so loving, as a dazzling smile comes on her face.
Rajeev: “now make tea fast” Neha leaves to kitchen and starts her day with a smile after a loving gesture from her hubby. She gets betrothed in the kitchen as Rajeev sits and reads the newspaper, mobile rings a new message was received on his phone. He picks it up and starts reading the long SMS, as neha comes out with tea and sits at the side of Rajeev, bearing in mind this Rajeev switches off phone
Neha: “who's SMS so early up on Sunday?”
Rajeev: “No one” Neha: “I heard the sound of your cell SMS”
Rajeev: “Nothing significant” as he picks up the tea cup.
Neha: “I hope its not that bloody bitch Puja”
Rajeev: “What sort of lingo you are speaking? Cant u trust me?”
Neha: “Ok show me your mobile, let me see what you are onto these days?”
Rajeev, fumes with antagonism and bangs the phone on the flooring, its conked out into pieces & he screams: “see it now!!”
Neha:“I knew you lied, its her only, isn’t it?”
Rajeev bangs both tea cups on the floor and shouts, louder this time: “yes its what you have to do with it?”
Neha: “I have everything to do; I am your wife, why you couldn’t tell its Puja's SMS only. Whats the point hiding?”, as she picks up broken pieces of mobile & cups.
Rajeev: “why you don’t trust me? Why you are trying to spy on me? Don’t make my life a nightmare, please”
Neha: “yes hell, because I cant be a mother, I cant give you child she sits on the bed as tears fell down from her big eyes and they go red.

Tears, yes tears friends, women best bludgeon, noxious than a worst chemical bomb of world, it can make one feel bad and good. And Rajeev is no different he soon realizes that he has got to be calm as she knew that person who is committing blunder either shouts or remains completely hushed, Rajeev was doing former. He tries to soothe her and moves towards her & put his hand on her shoulder
“See I am with you, we are married and kid is not my main concern, we will visit Doctor again and I know it will be sorted out”
Neha getting rid of his hand from her shoulder and says in anger : “ do what you wish to do, but remember that I am not going to give up and I know that Puja and you have some thing cooking between both of you otherwise there is no reason to lie”
Rajeev loses his temper yet again and says: “fine think whatever you can”
He moves out with their pet, a small bulldog, and says: “I am going for morning walk, shut the door”
Neha lies on bed, lost in her thought and thinks what went erroneous in their relationship, is that because that she cant be a mother? Or is Puja more striking than her? Why Rajeev is moving away from him? Why he behaves so brusquely? Lots of feelings come in her mind and tears just keep flowing from her eyes, she keeps on lying on bed. The day which started with a loving kiss has now turned into pungent quarrel, she was so joyful few moments back and now she sat alone in tears, wondering what went wrong?

Neha was just back from her office and finds that Rajeev hasn’t reached home up till now, she enters the house changes her cloth gets fresh and makes tea for herself, thinks of calling Rajeev up then aborts the thought, goes to kitchen and starts preparing the dinner by the time she finishes it was 10:30pm and now she gets apprehensive and decides to call Rajeev up, phone rings numerous times and he doesn’t picks it up, she calls his office and comes to know that he left office on his accustomed time at 6pm she sits and thinks, is it traffic? But then reconsiders her thought its 45 minutes from here how come so late? She tries his phone again, but in vain. She switches on TV and get lost in her thought instead of watching the TV. There is tedious silence in the room, as tea lies on the table half consumed, a huge picture of lady waiting hangs on the wall adjoining the TV, she sits alone and gazes at picture, all of a sudden she is perturbed by the sound of calling bell, she goes out and opens the door, its Rajeev, she breathes easy after seeing him. He changes up and get ready for dinner.

Neha asks him: “so late today?”
Rajeev avoiding eye contact says: “yes lots of work at office, a new project has just started” Neha: “ok, when u left from office?”
Rajeev: “an hour back” Neha knows that he is lying but avoids further interrogation as they were having meal, she says: “hmmm”

For next few minutes, till they complete meal and get ready to retire for the bed, neha doesn’t utter a single word and just goes on with her work and goes to bed as Rajeev watches TV and later joins her on the bed.
Rajeev: “slept off?”
Neha: “ naah”
Rajeev: “Then so quiet today?”
Neha: “ nothing, you know better”
Rajeev: “ what I know”
Neha” that why I am quiet?”
Rajeev: “ What ? I am not getting you?”
Neha: “ Leave it Rajeev”
Rajeev: “ no, tell me” Neha:” Don’t act smart, u were not in office till 8pm u left at 6pm, didn’t you?”
Rajeev knew he was caught again and tries to elucidate: “ I have an out door meeting with a client, so I went out of office”
Neha: “ leave it, I don’t want to discus all these”

Both lie down on bed with their back facing each other, Neha now is sure that she is losing Rajeev by every passing day, and she needs to do something before its too late, she has to do some thing, what she has no clue, but she was sure of one thing that she needed to act fast. While Rajeev: on the other side knew that Neha has enough clue by now and its high time that she executes the plan he made with Puja. Deadly silence continues in the room as not even a soul moved that night, suspicion, mistrust, hate and some conspiracy wandered round the room as life partners slept like strangers in the room.

It’s a beautiful sunset in the Collangute beach of Goa, the red light of sun is reflected over the sea. People are having some great enjoyment in one of the most striking beach in India, some are enjoying para-sailing, some are enjoying boat ride while other sit and take pleasure in seeing their kids playing on the beach. Sun, sand & sea excites love & romance even in dullest of people. Its one place where you let your love buds go free. Puja and Rajeev have just completed a banana ride and sit one of the sea side restaurants as sound of open air disco plays some good party numbers behind them. Puja is drenched in saline water and enjoys a glass of scotch with Rajeev, her wet hair falls on her face she looks gorgeous and her blue eyes adds to the beauty nicely complimented by the bold diamond earrings which Rajeev got for him on her last birthday. Rajeev meanwhile is putting on boxers and muscle T, sits right in front of her as they had long eye contact, romance fills up the place and their heart, with few peg of scotch sinking in they feel the urge to have walk on the beach, Rajeev wants to have a walk and Puja agrees. Both go for walk holding hand as sun is about to bid bye to the beautiful romantic day.

Rajeev holding puja’s hand: “ Its such a nice place, I simply like visiting this beautiful beach”
Puja: “yes, even I do like this beautiful places, its so exciting here, see the sun setting down, it looks stunningly beautiful”
Rajeev: “takes out the camera and takes the picture of setting sun”
Puja: “how about going back to hotel, I am feeling uneasy as saline water has dried down; I need to take fresh water bath”

Both leave for hotel after few minute of walk down the beach as sun has given way to darkness. They reach hotel after few minutes of walk down the happening streets of Goa.
In the hotel both finished bath and sit by the side of window which overlooks the swimming pool and some well decorated Christmas tree and Santa Claus stands tall overlooking the happening city. Inside the hotel is one huge picture of half covered lady trying to get her sari in place as it falls down over her sleeveless top. A huge plasma TV hangs on the pink wall of the room with some romantic numbers playing on it. The floors is covered with beautiful Scottish carpet, a white metallic statue is in one of the corner of the room, bed is covered with light blue sheet with some pink flowers over it, a huge chandelier hangs on the ceiling of the large five star luxurious room.

Rajeev: “ so how you feeling now”
Puja: “Much better, saline water can induce etching and at times damages skin also”
Rajeev: “Ok, I didn’t felt anything of that sort.”
Puja holding Rajeev’s hand and sitting on the arm rest of his chair: “so when we will be living with authorization together, you need to get rid of the bitch, I hope she is not spying on you. What if she comes to know about this trip? You have told that you are in Bangalore for some office work. Isn’t it?”
Rajeev: “ yes, but I don’t think she is going to divorce me, we have to work out something else” Puja: “Have u ever said her that you want divorce?” Rajeev: “no, I don’t have any reason for saying so”
Puja: “she can’t be mother isn’t it?. That should be enough reason for the legal separation” Rajeev: “ it’s not that easy, convincing her is some task”
Puja: “ we need to act fast, I can’t live like this, without you for any more”

Both continue talking as some plans are being made, some plans which don’t echo even by the wall of the room, some conspiracy is being done, dooms day conspiracy for the loyal wife and her more loyal love. Some thing that works in their mind they abort it and then think over again and again and finally reach to a point from where they have to act from here onwards, silence returns once they finish talking both seemed to be happy after prolonged talks as smile return back on the face of Puja. She is putting a light pink gown, which compliments her stunning beauty, at 30 she doesn’t looks like mother of two kids, she is one beautiful lady with cunning of fox. She lies on the long sofa Rajeev sits on the side of it watching TV as some talks go on. Call bell rings, Rajeev gets up and sees the hotel staff looking for dinner order, he says after some time we will order. He comes back and ask puja to make a drink, a scotch, both sit and drink as smell of scotch engulfs the room, puja gets up after just one peg and decides that she is not going to take any more so does Rajeev but after few extra pegs. She combs her long ,loved hair and adores herself in front of Rajeev, he hugs her and puts her back to the wall, kissing her all over the neck and face, she holds her tight and bites his ear and plays with him, tickling him at times, Rajeev starches her hand and puts his hand over it, to the wall as they continue love making. Love soon ignites the room, as they lie on floor and get lost yet again. The love making lasts for several minutes as they finally shift to bed, after few moments puja is covered entirely with utter romance as Rajeev plays with ice cube and her nicely curved physique. After sometime, they both lie down, Rajeev is lying with back to the roof as puja lie over his back with her long hair all over Rajeev’s back, and Rajeev is in sleep as he consumed few extra pegs than Puja. Puja had one so she is very much awoke. She tickles him with her nose, but he doesn’t replies. She tries again and this time Rajeev gets up and bites her as both burst into laughter.

Puja lying on his lap slowly moving her fingers over his belly: “ You jungle, drunkard, took so much that you slept off, never take too many drinks before all these”
Rajeev holds her further and say: “ok, you stunning beauty, you seem to be still urging for more”
Puja: “ aah!!, is it you feel so?”
Rajeev: "yup"
Puja: “ naah, I am hungry let’s have some food”

Rajeev agrees and orders some sea food and they wait for dinner, still talking and loving each other. After some time food is delivered and they eat together, feeding each other like newly wed couple. Enjoying each other company. They finish the dine and go for some more love making as rooms shifts into darkness, with blue light glowing like full moon in that romantic night.

After a month Neha has an adequate amount of hint that her hubby is in extra martial affair with puja and she decides to take some action as she lingers for Rajeev to return home as she sits in the room waiting and waiting. She sees the time its 11pm yet again and she decides to leave home, where? She knows it. She takes her car keys and rushes to parking lot of the apartment and takes her Honda city and zooms fast outside the gate driving like a crazy lady as she drive on the roads lots of thought crosses her mind, she reaches a house bangs the door with her fist, a lady opens the door after numerous minutes of knocking. Wearing a lower and small figure hugging T-shirt. It’s Puja the owner of the flat.
Neha tries to enquire about Rajeev and asks her where is he? She tries to keep her at door but she rushes in. But could not find Rajeev there, as he escaped from back door, once he heard the Neha’s voice.
She shout on puja almost bully her and says :”You know where he is?, let me know” Puja: “ How would I know about him, you are his wife you are supposed to know better”
Neha, still standing “ don’t act smart, I know you are aware about his where bouts, you bloody bitch, you ruined your own life and now you are after mine, I am warning you, for the first and last time otherwise you will regret”
Puja: “ You better mind your language, and don’t shout at my place”
Neha gets louder this time: “ place my foot!, I will cut you in pieces and feed to scavengers, don’t try to be smart, you can’t take him from me, you better don’t even try to”
Puja: “ Why I will take him from you, he is not a kid he is matured enough to decide what is right for him, what have you given to him?, not even a kid”
Neha gets hyper after listening this and pulls out her licensed GERMAN MAUSER REICHSREVOLVER 1879 CAVALRY and put the points in between her eyes: “ you don’t have any idea what I can do, you better stay away from him, otherwise you will regret doing all these, I won’t even think once before I shoot you down”
Seeing the gun point in the middle of her forehead Puja gets scared:” ahh, that is what you can do, try to get him by love, if you can”
Neha” yes I will but before that I will shoot you down”
Puja moves her hand and get rid of gun from her fore head: “ you should leave, I don’t want to talk to you”
Neha, putting her revolver back and says: "I wont be giving you second chance, so still you have time , get your acts right”

Neha leaves puja’s places and reaches her home to find Rajeev there and screams on him: “ so you are here, where you have been?”
Rajeev says in a low voice” office work, where were you?”
Neha: “ I know your office work and your intentions” Rajeev trying to act smart: “ what’s wrong with you?, why you are fuming with anger”
Neha” Raj please leave me alone, you please leave me, I don’t want to talk to you any more, please go away from here” she shouts as her voice gets chocked in her throat, and she bursts into tears, and sits on the chair, covering her face with her hand, and tries to hide his tears from Rajeev, he slowly moves closer to her probably not realizing that she is carrying his Mauser in her purse, he put his hand on her head, trying to console her.
Neha screams this time “Raj!!! Cant u leave me, please I am in no mood to talk to you now”, she says as tears flow down from her eyes and nose, eye, both go red out of shear anger
Rajeev: “ what happened why you so angry? Whets wrong with you?”
Neha, still crying “everything is wrong about me, as I can’t give you a child, so you go one hunting woman”
Rajeev: “what you mean to say?” Neha leaves the place and goes to bed room and locks the room and shuts the light off.

Child was never a cause behind this extra martial affair as both were young and Neha was undergoing treatment for same and Dr said she will soon be able to get pregnant. But the exact reason was some thing best known to Rajeev and puja, almost certainly interest in others more than own spouse was reason behind it. Neha has always been compassionate and loving to Rajeev and balanced the professional & personal life. So Rajeev gets to act and comprehend that Neha loves her before it gets too late.

wait before mystery unfolds


Divorce Part II (Unwanted Romance)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First of all thanks to you all for some encouraging and good retort to the first part of this fiction. Those who haven’t read it should read it first; this was my first real attempt on fiction as I prefer writing on real life experiences. In the first part(click here to read first part), we read about a couple Rajeev and Neha in Nagpur fighting over Rajeev’s co-worker divorce and she suspects him at times that her husband might be having some affair with the Pooja (Rajeev’s colleague.) They reach the family court and it was final hearing of divorce case between Puja and Abhisekh, mutually they agree and so does the court. Abhisekh pays money and kids are sent to boarding in Dehradoon.

Scene 1
At the court premises after the case is settled.
Puja: “Oh! Rajeev I am so relaxed today, I got rid of this daily drama now”
"Don’t worry all going to be fine now” Says Rajeev looking both at his wife and puja.
Neha intrudes and disagrees: “its going to be tuff now Puja”
Puja: “You don’t know what I was going through; it’s such a relaxing feeling”
Neha says out of shear curiosity: “so you are planning to resettle?”
Puja putting up strange smile on her face says: “not decided lets see what happens”
Puja leaves to her home and Neha and Rajeev drive back to their home. At night in Nagpur, Rajeev wasn’t able to sleep so went out and smoked and came back to his room where Neha (his wife) is lying down, pretending as she is sleeping.

Neha breaks the deadly silence and says: “You not feeling sleepy?”
Rajeev:”no just a bit headache” Neha: “come let me do head massage”
Rajeev: “no I will be fine” Neha: “come”
Rajeev shouts: ” I said no, can’t you get that”
Neha shivers and says: “what’s there to shout at the middle of night?, why you look tensed? What’s wrong? “
Rajeev: “nothing wrong” Neha: "Ok” Rajeev: "why don’t you sleep off?”
Neha: “no I was thinking about Puja and Abhisekh, poor kids, their life is ruined now, wondering what went wrong in their life? Why both are separated? Why they decided to divorce?”
Rajeev: “why are you so worried?”
Neha: "why you look so tense?”
Rajeev: ” its headache”
Neha: "I hope you are not the reason of this divorce, I wont give you divorce even if Brahma, Vishnu & Mahesh comes and pleads in front of me, I wont leave you, I love you, and you?” Rajeev: “Yes I do too, now sleep off” Both sleep off as mystery surrounds the silent night.

Scene II

Another usual morning for Neha & Rajeev on the breakfast table.
Neha: “let’s go for outing to Khandala it’s been long time, Monday is off so we can go and take 3 days off”
Rajeev: "No some other time some work”
Neha: "what work? You never say yes now days lost in your own world”
Rajeev: “Please try to understand, we will go some other time”
Neha: “I am hearing this for last one year”
Rajeev hugging his wife: “sure next month”
Neha: “hmmm”

Scene III
It’s a posh duplex flat at suburbs of Nagpur, winter has just settled in, and it’s been good charming day for last week or two. The room’s window opens to beautiful park and lush green surrounding. A large double bed lies at the centre of the room, with decorative lamps on both sides, a centre table lies with a well decorated flower vase on it, and the fragrance of rose is all over the room. The lady in the room has just finished her bath and drying her hair sitting in front of dressing table, seeing her face in the mirror and probably trying to find herself. She feels lonely and decides to play light music

Have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you theres no one else above you
Fill my heart with gladness
Take away all my sadness
Ease my troubles thats what you do

She gets lost in music and lies on the bed, all of a sudden the phone rings.

She picks up the phone “Are you coming?”
Voice on other side: “yes, in few minutes got stuck in traffic”
“Ok I am waiting” she says keeping the phone.
Gets up and changes her cloth and puts her favorite clothes, combs her hair and listens to music again. She starts feeling sleepy after gazing out of window for few minutes. Calling bell rings, she opens the door and happy to see him as she has been waiting for it for some time now.

“I have been waiting for you for some time now "she says offering him glass of water.
“Sorry I got stuck in traffic” he replies.
“So you took off day” she says switching off the music.
“Yes “he replies looking towards her eyes.
“You had breakfast” she enquires
“Yes I have to and how about you?” he replies and enquires
“I thought will have with you” she says with soft voice putting her hair behind her ears.
“Oh, ok we will have together after some time” he replies
“Ok, I am not that hungry right now” she says
"Why you stopped the music? It was good” he says
And the music starts again as both continue talking

And have I told you lately that I love you
Have I told you theres no one else above you
You fill my heart with gladness
Take away my sadness

They sit together on a sack sofa as fragrance of her perfume moves him nearer to her. He says kissing her neck from back and holding her flat belly: “you look stunning”
She holds him in her arms, eyes closed and surrenders herself to him, romance rapidly excites in the room as both get lost in each other. She puts his hand on his hair playing with it as he kisses her and he picks her in his arm and they both lie down on bed caressing each other and forgetting the world and leaving all their qualms behind . Sooner both are in their own world of love.

After few minutes she says: “what u told to Neha?”
Rajeev: “that I am in office”
Puja: “If she calls there?”
Rajeev says as she rests half on his chest and he continues playing with her hair as her long hair falls on his naked chest: “don’t worry I have instructed to my colleague, he will handle it out”
Puja: “any way she will come to know sooner or later”
Rajeev: “hmm”
Puja: “how long we will continue like this?”
Rajeev:” I have planned something,”
Puja: “what’s that?” Rajeev explains his plan few minutes and she agrees after long discussion as both get up and take break fast.

Human being is just biological animals, it’s just human. We all have the jungle inside of us. We all have wants and needs and desires, strange as they may seem. If you stop to think about it, we're all pretty creative, cooking up all these fantasies. It’s like a kind of poetry. Romantic love is an illusion. Most of us discover this truth at the end of a love affair or else when the sweet emotions of love lead us into marriage and then turn down their flames. One divorce and four lives were in haywire. Puja and Rajeev are in extra-martial affair for some time now and Puja’s divorce was planned by Rajeev and Puja, Abhisekh had clue about it so they agreed to separate. Now its up to these two on how they get settled after unsettling Abhisekh (Puja’s ex-husband) and Neha (Rajeev’s wife) has been suspicious so they needed to act fast before things reaches Neha’s mind's.



हम को इस घर में जानता है कोई

दिन कुछ ऐसे गुजारता है कोई
जैसे एहसान उतारता है कोई

आईना देख के तसल्ली हुई
हम को इस घर में जानता है कोई

पक गया है शजर पे फल शायद
फिर से पत्थर उछालता है कोई

फिर नजर में लहू के छींटे हैं
तुम को शायद मुघालता है कोई

देर से गूँजतें हैं सन्नाटे
जैसे हम को पुकारता है कोई


Divorce PART I (Somebody started the fire)

Monday, January 19, 2009

It’s like any other usual morning until the phone rings at 9 o’clock in the morning in a dwelling in Nagpur.
The husband picks up, pauses a jiffy as if hearing something, and says, “Don’t worry, I’ll be there on time,” and replaces the phone.

He then shouts to his wife, who is in the kitchen: “I’m going out for some toil. I’ll be back approximately one thirty or two for dine.”
“Where are you disappearing? You’ve taken leave today. Let’s go shopping; and then for lunch and a movie.” wife brings the list
“Please. Not today. I’ve taken leave just for this vital thing.” husband says trying to avoid.
“Vital thing? Where are you going?” the wife persists.

The husband knows now that he has no alternative but to tell her. He knows his wife’s nature so well – she’s not going to relax till she find out. She’ll plague him to death until he tells her.“I’m going to the Family Court,” he says.
“Family Court? Why?” Her eyes become larger than earth.
“A divorce case.” Husband replies
“Divorce? You’re trying to divorce me behind my back?” Wife says clutching her hair
“Please be silent. It’s not us. Pooja has asked me to come for the hearing.” Hubby replies
“You’ve met her." Wife smelling something fishy.
"She’s my collaborator at work.”
“Oh. That Pooja! I knew you for eternity you had a soft corner for her.” Wife says putting on sarcastic smile on her face
“It’s her concluding divorce hearing today and she’s called me.” husband defends his act

“Divorce? Called you? How are you involved? I hope she divorces not because of you? I knew you’d do something stupid. You are so susceptible you know – got trapped by her and now you are in dilemma being summoned by courts. Respectable persons never see the entrails of a court in their entire lives.” Wife says tryin to stop him in getting involved to all these.

“Please keep quiet! You just go on and on! Pooja’s called me just to give her emotional support.”
“Emotional support! I’m coming with you. Can’t you see what she’s up to?” .Wife says trying to scare his honey with her big eyes.
“Please. Pooja’s just a colleague going through a rough patch. As a friend, I have to help her out, show her a bit of compassion and kindness.” .Poor husband replies
“Compassion? It may soon turn into passion!” the wife says sarcastically,
“Drying a divorcee’s tears is one of the most dangerous pastimes for a man, especially a married man.” . Wife says, smelling some more fishy stuff
“Pastime? I’m not going there for amusement, but to help out a collaborator.”
“Anattractive colleague in distress, isn’t it? And our Knight in shining armor is rushing to her aid!”
“Okay. Why don’t you come along and see for yourself,” the husband says.

The moment he utters those words he instantly regrets it but it is too late, his wife has already picked up her purse and is heading towards the door.

“Why are they divorcing?” the wife asks, as they are driving in their car from their house towards the Family Court.
“Its divorce by mutual consent.” Husband defends his colleague.
“Mutual consent! What nonsense! There must be some other reason.” Wife says further inetrrograting like CBI officer
“No. They have just agreed to detach.”“If they can agree to separate why can’t they agree to stay together?”. Wife says at last some thing logical.
“I don’t know. Why don’t you ask her that!”
the husband says irritated.‘Of course I will. And I’ll give a piece of my mind to her husband too. Tell him to stop harassing his wife.”

“Please. For heaven’s sake don’t say anything there. They are parting amicably, as friends.”

“There is no such thing as amicable divorce. If a marital relationship is amicable, why divorce in the first place? If they can divorce and remain friends, why can’t they remain married and be friends?”

"Will you please keep quiet! I’m driving.” . Husband say as he gets irritated
“What’s her husband’s name?”
“See! Pooja and Abhishek! Even their names are compatible,” the wife says.
“There must be some adultery involved. This Abhishek must be having an affair. Or it must be Pooja. I’m sure she is having an affair.”
“Don’t be stupid. She’s not like that.” Husband Says
“How do you know?” Wife enquires again
“I know her for so many years now. She’s quite close to me. " Husband says."She’s told me everything.”
“Close to you? My God! I hope it’s not you?”
“Will you please shut up! I told you its mutual incompatibility.”

“Incompatibility, my foot! Let me tell you there is no one more incompatible than both of us. But are we divorcing?”. Lady says
“Why don’t we? At least I’ll have some peace and respite from your constant nagging.” Hubby says
“Ah! So you can marry her is it? You’ve got a hope in heaven! I’ll cling on to you till my dying day. And follow you even after that.” Wife says fuming with anger

They drive in silence for a while and then the wife asks,
“Has she got any kids?”
“Yes. Two. A boy and a girl. In school.”
“Poor children. What will happen to them?”
“They’ll go off to a boarding school for a while till Pooja settles down.”
“It’s funny. They’ve got children and are divorcing. We haven’t any but we are carrying on together!”
‘Yes,” the husband says, “I really wonder! We constantly fight but stay together; and they have such a cordial relationship but want to separate.”
“Marital relationships are not supposed to be cordial and cold,” the wife says snuggling up to her husband.
“I’ve realized one thing,” says the husband.
“The opposite of love is not hate; it is indifference.”



Comedy of Error

Saturday, January 17, 2009

I was feeling more chilly than usual as I was, only few days back transfered from 'No Winter' Mumbai to chilly National capital New Delhi. It was unpleasantly cold winter noon & being Sunday I was feeling lethargic and finding it hard to come out of quilt, then I got a call from my younger cousin Meghna
Meghna: “How are you? What’s up on Sunday?”
Me: “I am good, how are you doing? “
Meghna: ” I am fine too, I was getting bored nothing much to do to day as it’s a holiday”
Me: ” go out and enjoy with friends”
Meghna: “Most have gone home; can we go for a movie today evening?”
Me: “ok, that sounds a good idea”
Meghna: “ok then see you in evening”
Me: “ok”

I went to see her in the evening and we decided to go for a movie in the vicinity of multiplex, we reached there 30 minutes aforementioned to movie and then took tickets and were just chatting on some topic. Movie was about to initiate and we decided to move in.

We entered the multiplex and saw on one of many doors of multiplex showing the title of movie which we were supposed to see. We entered the hall and there was no one on the gate so we located our seat number and sat there. Movie has already started.

Me:” did we enter late?”
Meghna: "seems like that”

It was barely 5-6 minutes when INTERMISSION was displayed on huge screen.

We were surprised to see that and looked towards each other in taken aback way.

Me: “how come intermission in 5 minutes?” I was almost certainly asking myself than my sister.
Meghna: “no idea”
All of a sudden, within few seconds, a thought came in my mind. I said to Meghna
“have we entered right hall?, lets go out and check on gate and match the hall number with that on out ticket”
Meghna: “ok”

We moved out and saw the number on gate and find that it didn’t matched and instantly we came to know it was our mistake and we entered wrong hall where same movie has reached intermission time. We busted into laughter on our own boo-boo and moved to our proper hall number, still laughing. There movie was about to start and we were still laughing and saw some girls incoming and laughing and discussion that they faced analogous problem.

We couldn’t stop out laugh and just watched half the movie laughing on our error. By the half time I came to deduction and said to meghna
“ since movie wasn’t a hit so it wasn’t packed and no one was occupying the same seat when we entered wrong hall, if that was the case we need not see there even for 5 minutes, and since there was no guard on gate we entered and located our sat if someone was there he could have guided us. But at the end it was our comedy of error as we didn’t matched the hall number with that on our ticket. We laughed and told the story to our friend.

The movie was Eklavya. A super flop but our error made it a laughter riot.


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